Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Awareness

​The Never Too Young Coalition is united to take on young-onset colorectal cancer through action, education and research

You’re young. You’re brave. And you’re not alone.
Colon cancer has become a reality for many younger than age 50, and it’s the only population where incidence rates are on the rise. We joined with a group of renowned researchers to create a white paper, outlining data and hard facts around this issue.

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Here’s what we found: 
  • In the US, approximately 10% of colon cancer cases are diagnosed in individuals under age 50.
  • Colon cancer incidence and mortality rates are increasing in the young-onset population while decreasing in those over 50.
  • Young-onset rectal cancer incidence has increased at nearly twice the rate of young-onset colon cancer.
  • Young-onset colon cancer has a preference for the distal colon (the segment of your colon right before the rectum begins) or rectum and often presents at a later stage.
  • Screening is recommended to start earlier than age 50 in those with a family history of colon cancer or advanced adenomas (noncancerous tumors), and in those with hereditary genetic syndromes associated with increased risk. Patients with inflammatory bowel disease or other conditions increasing risk may also benefit from close follow-up.
  • Individuals under 50 who have symptoms that may be consistent with colon cancer need to seek medical attention so the appropriate testing can be done and deserve a prompt and thorough examination.
  • Physician-related delays (e.g., missed symptoms, initial misdiagnosis) have been estimated to occur in 15-50% of young-onset colon cancer cases.*
  • Discussions of lowering the screening age for the average-risk population have begun. As it stands, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) feels there is insufficient evidence for lowering the screening age to 40 years in the average-risk population.

In honor of Jason Johnson
JayWalkers participate in memory of Jason Johnson to continue to work to raise awareness in both the public and among medical professionals about the phenomenon of young onset colorectal cancer and open access to early diagnosis and support for those who, like Jason, are diagnosed so young.  As we know, this cancer is curable, but only when diagnosed early. The funds we raise will go to the Never Too Young campaign, helping with prevention, early detection and treatment for this disease.

Please support our efforts to raise awareness about the growing phenomenon of young onset colorectal cancer!  JayWalkers annually participate in the Twin Cities Get Your Rear In Gear 5K Run/Walk & Tour de Tush, an event to benefit the Colon Cancer Coalition. The JayWalkers have been a top fundraising team and or have had the top individual fundraiser since they have been on the scene. Our second year, after I had learned Jason's experience with colon cancer wasn't as rare as we had been led to believe, I had some statistics and facts I presented to that crowd. I saw shocked faces, even heard gasps of surprise from people who are involved enough to participate in the colon cancer event.  We have a lot more work to do!

- Laura Wehrly, Jason's Mother
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